Device, Content, Learning and Immersion Management

VR, AR, IOT and AI are revolutionizing learning, training and education. AVRILAR provides institutions, business, government and defense organizations the tools to implement these solutions while providing the control and management of devices, content and learning analytics.

Our Services

AVRILAR is revolutionizing learning using Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) by combining device management, content management and learning management into one environment.

Wearable Device Management

Device Management is at the core of our platform. We give institutions, businesses, government, defense and other enterprises the control they need to manage the fleets of devices they are distributing and using.

Content Management

We don’t make all the content but we allow AVRILAR customers to determine what content they want deployed, who they want it deployed to and the analytics around it’s use. Think of AVRILAR as the Netflix of AR and VR learning. Some AVRILAR originals nut most of the content and applications comes from our partner network.

Learning Management

Learning Management benefits the provider and the learner. We allow for seamless integration into existing systems or you can use our off the shelf LMS. We are also using the blockchain to allow learners to retain their information for a lifetime.

Who We Are

The team at Avrilar has been in the VR and AR space for decades. We know the device management space because we were pioneers in bringing these technologies to market. We are now focused on building the largest ecosystem of content developer partners to use our device management platform and learning management integration to the world of learning and education.

What We Do

Our constant efforts are directed towards implementing immersion and simulation technology in various fields and processes that makes human life easier and more results-oriented. We cater to the technological advancement needs of verticals such as education, healthcare, enterprise IT and industries that can flourish on the excellence of augmented reality and virtually created environments.

Why Avrilar?

It is quite simple. We are focused on advancing AR and VR for learning by bringing a management platform made for this space. Avrilar has its roots in head-mounted device management and we work with all industry participants to create a new generation of education to advance the world.

Partnering with Us

Are you creating content for learning and education using VR and AR. Get in touch about our Partner Program.