Manage the Metaverse,
All Your Devices at a Time

Simplify the management of your organization’s AR/VR wearables while ensuring the security of your content. The Avrilar Manage Platform enables Device Management, User Management, Applications,
Files, Wi-Fi, Policies and more, all in one place.

The Metaverse is the next frontier of human advancement. It is where organizations come to explore and grow, and where communities and individuals learn, share and interact. Avrilar’s mission is to offer a secure portal into this world, and a seamless command control center for an effective use of your assets.

Everything you need in one place

Bulk Device Management

Kiosk Mode

Remote Assisstance

Launch and Update Apps

File Transfer

Policy Creation

Endpoint Management Integration

Advanced Security Functions

Blockchain Identity Management

Decentralized Data Storage

Learning Management System

Voice Control

The Metaverse is vast

and so is the Avrilar Ecosystem

We understand that managing your devices and content is but a small part of your organization’s leap into the metaverse. This is why we are committed to enabling your entire experience. We have partnered up with key players in this field, integrating more services and tools, building an ecosystem that can create, maintain, operate and guide your digital venture to the next level.

Our Ecosystem

Build the Metaverse with Edifex

Together with our award winning studio, Edifex, we provide full end-to-end development of content for virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.

Our Ecosystem

Manage private identities in the Metaverse with NexBloc

NexBloc is building the next generation of the internet with blockchain DNS (bDNS) at the core and cross-chain interoperability. Avrilar has teamed up with Nexbloc to manage your organization and your team’s identities safely and privately across the metaverse. Plus, you can have your very own BlocHead, your NFT avatar, tied to a blockchain domain.

Our Team

The team at Avrilar has been in the VR and AR space for decades. We know the device management space because we were pioneers in bringing these technologies to market. We are now focused on building the largest ecosystem of content developer partners to use our device management platform and learning management integration to the world of learning and education.

Dana Farbo

Founder and CEO

Dana is a leader in cutting-edge technology and business. He is responsible for partner strategy and talent acquisition.

Eddie Quiroz

Head of Technology

Eddie is an internet serial entrepreneur with extensive technology development expertise. He leads our technology strategy and is an MIT alumnus

Aditya Walia

India Business Lead

Aditya is the partner lead for India and Asia. He has deep knowledge in cutting-edge tech and expertise in the finance and legal space

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We are bringing the Metaverse to you. The Avrilar Management Platform gives you the control and security you need for your company, and our ecosystem of partners takes care of the rest. 


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