AVRILAR not only provides the platform to manage and secure your devices and content, we also offer services to create custom training and support content you plan on delivering on these devices. Our Our award winning studio provides full end-to-end development of content for virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. 

Work Instructions on Hololens 2

Provide on the job support or plant floor training with mixed reality work instructions reducing workplace errors and costly mistakes.

Real-time Machinary Indicators on Hololens 2

See the health of your equipment and keep tract of key indicators through real-time IOT sensor data.

Large Equipment Training

Reduce your training cost and increase learner’s confidence and readiness with Virtual Reality training of equipment. Increase your training output without the need for the physical equipment in the classroom

Training and Certification

Provide certification training in Virtual Reality to reduce the hours of training, increase proficiencies and provide companies training courses on your equipment.

Emergency Training

Training in dangerous situations can be difficult or impossible. Using Virtual Reality you can provide a safe environment for your learners to train for dangerous situations.

Manufacturing Training

Provide real work simulations to train using Virtual Reality without the need to stop your production line or reduce output. Provide full production line simulations in Virtual Reality.

Visualize Your Space

Understand and experience the space you are building or changing before you start. Use Virtual Reality to walk through your warehouse or building to refine and change the design before your build. Reduce your cost and increase time to completion.